NO SIR E and monome 256 at Home Grown Cafe

NO SIR E is the Delaware-based producer, performing artist, monome magician, and forward-thinking future beat electronic musician making waves from east to west coast with his ambitious approach to music production. A self-proclaimed “sound scavenger” and “loop technician”, his live performances are a full-course buffet into a range of emotion and rhythm. Using a monome 256 and other futuristic gadgetry he transforms into a mad scientist performing beat-based alchemy. Samples and original material undergo smooth metamorphosis on the fly with sophistication. Influences range from Baroque-compositions to J-Pop to Metalcore. Since high school NO SIR E has been using his exceptionally keen ear to produce and select rare sounds to compose into eclectic compositions. Having performed among the likes of Daedelus, Spazzkid, Free Moral Agents, Falcons, Elaquent, KOAN Sound, and many other beat heavyweights, he is showing no signs of slowing down soon and is currently accepting touring dates while working on a full-length album.